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Covert Spy Listening Devices

Covert spy listening devices have been around for a very long time and are used by many individuals in all walks of life to keep track of others who they feel are suspicious. There are many different types of covert spying devices but the most common devices are the ones that can be placed discreetly or on a key chain and are used in private areas without anyone ever being aware that they are being watched. Covert spy devices come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and are designed in different ways so that no one is ever able to tell if it has any type of tracking device on it.

The most common covert spy device available for sale is the wireless remote monitoring device. A wireless remote monitoring device is able to transmit audio and video signals that allow an individual to listen to someone's conversations or video when the person is not at their home or when they are not present. This type of covert spy listening device works best if it is used in the company of another person that is always nearby so that they can monitor each other's communications. Discover more facts about spy cams at

Audio and video recording devices at have also become increasingly popular as well. People are purchasing these types of devices because they are able to use them to catch those individuals who steal things from them. Some of the most popular types of covert spy listening devices that people use are those that use infrared or night vision technology to capture video and audio of a person while they are not present, or they are using video recording devices that will allow them to see what is happening as they are not there.

Another type of covert spy listening device at is a cell phone that will allow an individual to hear what is going on with the person's cell phone when it is turned off or if the person is being monitored. These types of covert spy devices are usually not as large in size or as expensive as the larger more elaborate types of audio and video recording devices, but they can provide more detailed and realistic results. Cell phones are easily available for purchase in a wide variety of different retailers and there are several different models on the market.

Another type of covert spy is the pen disguised as a cigarette lighter. When the pen is inserted into the cigarette lighter, it will send out invisible infrared waves that will allow the user to record video and sound of the person who is smoking the cigarette. The infrared waves will then send the recorded images and sounds to a receiver that is located on the person's cellular telephone.

Covert spy devices are used for many different reasons. They can be used to monitor another person's car or truck and be able to see what is going on inside of the vehicle without the driver ever knowing. They can be used to keep an eye on a specific individual's child while they are on the bus or train and in order to ensure that the bus or train is not being hijacked.

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